PODCAST: 1st-round candidates, defensive prospects to know in draft for Cardinals

The NFL draft is next week and the latest episode of the podcast is the second of our draft preview shows. After last week’s edition where we previewed the offensive prospects, this one focuses on defense.

Revenge of the Birds’ Seth Cox and I first talk about the different players who could be under consideration for the Arizona Cardinals’ first-round pick, the 16th overall pick. We go over the possibility of trading up and the tiers of players who could be possibly selected by Arizona at No. 16.

After that, we go position by position on defense, starting with cornerbacks, moving to edge defenders, then linebackers, then defensive linemen and closing with safeties.

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Below are the different topics of discussion and when they come up on the show.

(1:00) Intros and first-round options for the Cardinals

(33:01) Cornerback prospects to know

(47:51) Edge defender prospects to know

(55:42) Inside linebacker prospects to know

(1:03:09) Defensive lineman prospects to know

(1:12:20) Safety prospects to know

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