Peyton Manning says Bill Belichick will appear on every ManningCast this season

Bill Belichick will make more than frequent appearances on the ManningCast. The former Patriots coach will be on all of them.

Via, Manning said in a recent appearance on Pat McAfee's show that Belichick will appear on every 2024 episode of the alternate to Monday Night Football. Belichick also is slated to appear every Monday on McAfee's show.

Belichick will show up early in each game, likely in the first quarter.

It's a win-win. There will be interest in what Belichick has to say. And, in order for teams to be interested in hiring Belichick, he needs to make himself more likable. Or, as the case may be, likable.

Plenty of fans aren't interested in a 70-something curmudgeon who has achieved little since Tom Brady left the Patriots. Belichick has yet to be — and quite possibly won't be — pressed on the ill-advised decision in 2022 to put a career defensive coach in charge of the offense.

Even if it won't be enough to get Belichick a head-coaching job in 2025, he will enhance the coverage of the game for 2024. Especially if he's willing to cut through the noise and call people out for doing dumb things.

Like putting a career defensive coach in charge of the offense.