What Payton Turner would make on his 5th-year option

Decision time is approaching for the New Orleans Saints and the fifth-year option for 2021 first-round selection Payton Turner. On paper, it has looked like an easy to decision to not pick it up and just give him this next season to break through and earn another contract.

What would it look like if the Saints were to pick up his option, though? The NFL recently released the fifth-year option amounts along with the updated salary cap, which could make the Saints’ decision easier.

Turner would be due $13,387,000 in 2025 if the Saints decided to pick his option up — and every dollar would be guaranteed. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal-clear now that the Saints will very likely not exercise that option before the May 2 deadline. In his first three seasons Turner has racked up 29 tackles and just three sacks. He just hasn’t done enough to justify being tied to him for another season with a significantly higher salary cap hit than he has had up to this point in his career.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire