Patrick Mahomes seeking a record sixth straight postseason game without an interception

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes hasn't thrown an interception through two games of this year's playoffs. He didn't throw an interception in three postseason games last year, either. Which means he could set a new NFL record on Sunday.

If Mahomes doesn't throw an interception against the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game, he will become the first quarterback in NFL history to go six straight postseason games without an interception (with a minimum of 20 passes thrown in each game).

As great as Mahomes has been in the regular season through his first six years as the Chiefs' starter, he's been even better in the playoffs. He has just seven interceptions in his 16 career postseason games, and he has basically played another whole season's worth of games in the postseason while putting up MVP-type numbers: In the postseason Mahomes has thrown 38 touchdown passes, totaled 4,561 yards, completed 66.8 percent of his passes and averaged 7.8 yards per attempt, with a passer rating of 106.7.

Mahomes still has a long way to go to achieve the kind of playoff longevity that Tom Brady had, but as of this point in his career, Mahomes has been a better playoff passer than any other quarterback in NFL history.