Patrick Mahomes hopes to participate in spring training with the Royals some day

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes grew up around baseball while his dad was in the majors, and he played baseball at Texas Tech well enough that the Detroit Tigers drafted him. But while football is clearly Mahomes' sport now, he hasn't completely given up on the idea of spending some time playing baseball again.

Mahomes said in an interview with Time that he's interested in participating in spring training with the Kansas City Royals and thinks it could work out, with a special emphasis on avoiding any injuries.

I’ve talked to the Royals,” Mahomes said. “And if I can maybe go out to a spring training, I'm not opposed to that. I'll get it approved by the Chiefs and everything like that. But maybe one of these years I go out there and see what I got. See if I can still hit the ball or pitch or whatever that is. Maybe not in the games but I can at least practice with them.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he hasn't thought about whether the team would give Mahomes its blessing to partake in spring training, but Reid knows Mahomes is capable of playing with high-level baseball players and not looking out of place.

“He was a heck of a baseball player,” Reid said. “He grew up around it. I'm sure he can play in the major leagues. I mean, he's pretty gifted.”

Mahomes isn't the only quarterback with a love for baseball. Russell Wilson has participated in spring training during NFL offseasons, and Kyler Murray was a big-time baseball prospect who has said he'd love to get back on the baseball diamond some day. For Mahomes a trip to spring training would be more of a fun excursion than a serious attempt at playing another sport, but it sounds like something he wants to try before his playing days are done.