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Over/Under Week 13 - Javonte Williams

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  • Javonte Williams
    Javonte Williams
    American football running back

Will the Denver RB go over/under 14.9 fantasy points in week 13?

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, second over/under, and we're looking at the Sunday night game. And we're going to talk about a player that we've already discussed a few times already in this show. And it's Javonte Williams.

We set the line here at 15.9 fantasy points. And honestly, this seemed like a debate earlier in the week before Melvin Gordon had been ruled out. I got to take the over on this one. There's no way Williams doesn't get there. I've actually got him as my RB6 right now following the Gordon news.

It's possible we'll see a little bit of Mike Boone in this one. But for the most part, this is going to be the Javonte Williams show. And he's been terrific all year. He's been a missed tackle machine, just the way he was at the collegiate level. He's averaging 3.6 yards after contact per carry, which is insane, about 4.9 yards per carry overall.

And he's facing a Kansas City defense that is happy to let you run the ball. They allow 4.6 yards per carry. There's just no way that Javonte doesn't get-- I don't know if it's 90 yards and a touchdown and a handful of receptions. He's been a pretty good receiver too. I think he goes over this total comfortably. Matt, do you agree?

MATT HARMON: Buddy, if he doesn't go over this total, fantasy Twitter is going to be in full meltdown mode on Sunday night. It is going to be a tough scene. I do think he goes over here.

You mentioned all the key points, missed tackles forced, obviously breakaway run percentage. He's right up there with Jonathan Taylor and Nick Chubb, these explosive big play guys. I can't wait to see what Javonte does next year. I think he has been a little more boom or bust as a runner than people want to admit. But still, those booms should be there, even if the Chiefs are getting better as a pass defense. Like you said, I think they can still run on them.

Man, if he does not go over this total though, make sure you actually look at-- don't look at Twitter during games mostly. You should just log off and enjoy football. But you want to be seeing what these goofballs on Twitter are saying if Javonte Williams does not go over this total this week.

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, that's so right. If Mike Boone gets like 10 touches in this thing, I can't wait for it. I absolutely can't wait for it. Tank, do we have a sweep here?

- Well, I have to admit, I was so excited to happen to my undies on FFL. But I'm going to have to go over. I mean, I feel like there's some things you just can't pass up. This is the perfect match-up for my dude. He has the perfect amount of volume with no Uncle Melvin in the picture. He has the perfect last name. He has the perfect game script, where they're going to have to run the ball heavily to try to stay in this. So I feel like the perfect storm is going to come to this game. And my man Javonte, my cousin, is going to go over.