It's officially time to stop worrying about AJ Brown

Liz Loza and Matt Harmon make the case to chill in regards to the Titans receiver.

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Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: We spent a lot of time talking about Kansas City, but we haven't really given the Titans their due. AJ Brown-- this was a call that you were very confident about and for good reason. He led the pass catchers in targets with nine, converted eight of those for over 130 and a touchdown. He is back from the bubble guts. And we are loving it.

MATT HARMON: Sort of. Sort of. He said after the game that he still, like, hasn't gained all the weight back that he lost. He's still feeling it. I mean, jeez, Chipotle just-- It's like a-- It's just a weekly battle here for old AJ Brown, just getting taken to the woodshed in the media is Chipotle.

But like, you know, great game by AJ Brown. And, you know, on Monday night against the Bills, we saw them line him up in the slot, get him a lot of those, like in the second half, YAC plays over the middle, those crossing routes that he's just devastating on.

In this game against the Chiefs, it was, like, in the vertical game, contested plays along the sideline. So I do think, whether he's got all the weight back or he feels totally himself, I think he is back to, in our hearts, number one wide receiver, top 10 fantasy at the position, like-- No more--

Whining season is over on AJ Brown. Like, I realize that it was difficult to start the year. I mean, like, I can't really remember something where the guy has, like, drops in week two, suffers a hamstring injury, comes back from the hamstring injury, gets the bubble guts, whatever. Very tilting situation overall, but AJ Brown is back.

And they've got a great string of match-ups [? to ?] the Tennessee Titans, either going to be, like, high scoring games where they'll have to open up the passing game, as we saw against Buffalo on Monday night. Or there's a lot of, like-- They still play the Texans twice. They still play the Jaguars again. The Colts aren't that great of a defense. So there's still a lot of good days ahead for AJ Brown.

I don't really know what to tell you on the whole Julio Jones thing. I'm kind of surprised that he played. But I do feel more and more confident. You know, in my rankings preseason, I had a pretty big gap between AJ Brown and Julio Jones.


MATT HARMON: I feel almost even stronger about that now.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah, I think that Julio Jones is going to be, like, a wide receiver three every week. You're probably going to imagine that he's in that range.

MATT HARMON: Extremely [INAUDIBLE], yeah.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah, I mean he's still second in team targets. It's just that when you have Derrick Henry running to the level that he's running, you're just not going to have to put the ball in the air. And when you mention the division, that increases the volume for Henry even more.

They do have the Colts next week. And at least, again, if we're looking for something optimistic, Julio Jones did make it throughout the entire game this week. He didn't have to leave early.

MATT HARMON: And Derrick Henry throwing a touchdown, too. He does it all, does it all for the Tennessee Titans. Derrick Henry wanted to shove it in the face of all the nerds who were like, sorry Derrick Henry. You can't be in the MVP conversation because you're not a quarterback. Well, look at that, dorks, throwing touchdowns is Derrick Henry. I'm sure his EPA has just been blasted through the roof.