Odell Beckham Jr. shares update on talks with Rams, got ‘lowest of low offers’

Odell Beckham Jr. is the top free agent on the market and he’s taking his time picking his next team. He can do that because he’s recovering from a torn ACL, which he suffered in the Super Bowl in February.

Beckham is expected to be ready to play by mid-November or December, so it’s now just a question of where he’ll be playing the rest of the year. All signs have pointed to Beckham returning to the Rams, but that may not be so likely now.

On Wednesday, Beckham shared an update on his talks with the Rams and it’s not one fans will enjoy reading. He says the team didn’t offer him a contract reflective of his worth, which makes it “tough to say that I can come on back.”

He thought he had found a home in Los Angeles last season, too.

Structuring a contract for Beckham will be challenging because of his limited availability this year. Anyone who signs him will likely want to make it a multi-year deal, knowing he’ll only play a few months this season.

The Rams also don’t have a ton of cap space and just gave Allen Robinson a $46.5 million contract this past offseason, so allocating another big contract to a wide receiver may not be something they want to do. Thus, an offer lower than Beckham’s asking price.


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Story originally appeared on Rams Wire