Notre Dame travels to Duke, Oregon’s botany lesson & should Florida State be ranked #1?

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger & SI’s Pat Forde react to Marcus Freeman’s explanation of his coaching gaffe versus Ohio State last Saturday and preview Notre Dame’s upcoming matchup with Duke.

After a tough loss to Ohio State last weekend, Notre Dame is looking to bounce back. With playoff hopes still alive, the Fighting Irish have to stave off an athletic and well-coached Duke football program. Duke’s Riley Leonard and Mike Elko have been strong this season and the Blue Devils could be very well playing for the ACC championship late in the season with this squad.

This week’s Big Ten football slate is a good example of why TV executives and the conference wanted to expand. The uninspiring matchups should be reduced with new exciting teams entering the conference, but the show questions why the mid-level Big Ten teams wanted the expansion while knowing their fate would be to relegated out of these major nationally televised matchups.

Florida State was ranked #5 in this week’s AP poll. The guys debate this ranking as FSU has had the best resume through 4 weeks of college football, while Georgia and Michigan have yet to play a worthy opponent to earn a top-2 spot.

Ross is attending College Football Playoff meetings this week as the committee decides how they want to handle automatic bids for the expanded 12-team playoff. Group of Five commissioners obviously want 6 automatic bids, while the Power Five is interested in getting more of their teams in the bracket. How will the future of the tournament shake out?

Oregon football released a movie-style recap of their win over Colorado. In the video, Ducks coach Dan Lanning stated, “I’ve never seen a redwood stand alone,” leading the podcast down the botany rabbit hole.

This week, Dan constructed the 12-team playoff bracket as if it were in effect this season. The major players involved would make the games fantastic, but the neutral site bowls in the second-round could still detract from the true feeling of the sport.

Lastly, a new national champion was crowned from Texas Tech: Cletus Johnson in something known as blade sport.

1:00 - Duke vs. Notre Dame preview

17:27 - NBC is struggling with good Big Ten Matchups

22:17 - Should Florida State be ranked #1?

28:39 - How many automatic bids should the future playoff have?

39:00 - Oregon coach Dan Lanning makes us ask: Can redwoods stand alone?

44:24 - What a 12-team playoff would look like right now

49:00- Can Kentucky fans be ready for a noon kickoff?

50:11- Texas Tech wins the blade sport national championship

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Florida State wide receiver Keon Coleman before the game against Clemson
(AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman)
Florida State wide receiver Keon Coleman before the game against Clemson (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman) ((AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman))