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Video Transcript

Certainly the first day that this started Monday is, is the morning that the UN C Board of Trustees members uh aired their grievances, uh you might say and uh criticized publicly athletic director Bubba Cunningham in the state at the athletic department in, you know, approve the launching of, of some kind of inquiry and audit into the department and all this.

So that all happened.

Day one and a few of us caught Bubba Cunningham uh in the hallway and he at least claimed early on he really had not seen because they had been in meeting, so he had not seen all this stuff come out.

So a few of us kind of informed him of what his board of trustees members said.

You know, I think that was kind of the buzz of the first couple of days is, is kind of here comes North Carolina, they're the next in line behind Florida State and Clemson.

It, it appears to, to wanna head out of the head out of the exit here and, and out of the AC C. So that's been probably the overwhelming uh buzz here.

Uh and, and that, that is, look, if if Florida State and Clemson get out.

Um, and, and leave in some way.

Uh I think the big question right then is, can you keep, can you do enough, uh, to keep in the league do enough to keep the kind of the, the crown jewel in a way of, of the University of, of North Carolina?

Uh, and I think in part that was answered Monday with the Board of Trustees statements and the answer is probably not trouble in paradise here at Amelia is and Ritz Carlton, it's like a divorce.

A couple about to go for divorce, giving one last let's take a weekend um romantic weekend away at our $1000 a night place.

And, and instead all they're doing is scrapping, fighting passive aggressiveness.

No one, you know, cold shoulders and uh someone's eye in the pool boy, Dave Boli, he is a trustee.

He is Bubba Cunningham's boss.

He's everyone's boss, the trustees.

Uh He is advocating UN C joins a more uh higher revenue league namely SEC or Big 10.

I am advocating for that.

That's what we need to do.

We need to do everything we can to get there.

Or the alternative is the AC C is going to have to reconstruct itself.

I think all options are on the table.

It's nice that he thinks all options are on the table.

Uh The AC C reconstructing itself, that means more money is going to Clemson Florida State, North Carolina and maybe Miami, I don't know.

Is there a four team that gets more money and less for everybody else?

If North Carolina could get out of the AC C deal, it would have an invitation to the big 10 immediately.

It would have an invitation to the SEC, I believe immediately.