With no star QB, are the Raiders wasting Davante Adams? | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz, senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson and NFL writer Frank Schwab discuss the Raiders’ dilemma at QB, including how this could impact some of the team’s star players. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

I'm concerned about the Raiders only from the standpoint of, um, I don't see either Gardner Minu or, uh aidan o'connell being the long term answer there at quarterback.

Like, I think, like, it's just sort of the patchwork.

All right, let's get through this season and, and see how it goes.

I, I did feel that way though about Baker in Tampa Bay last year and he found a home and put things together and I, and I see enough from Minu and you hear enough, uh, everybody who crosses his path, they're like, they, they find things to like about the guy and, and a lot of his proponents in past organizations will say things like, I just wish he could get a consistent shot to settle in somewhere.

And I think maybe he could be an above average starter in the NFL, not great, not elite but an above average starter.

Um, that can deliver success for an extended period of time.

Maybe that happens with the Raiders.

I don't, I feel like they had again an opportunity to address the position.

Um, in this draft, I extend out that window.

I don't know where you go with it.

If neither of these guys is functional.

Yes, Brock Bowers, that edition is great.

Um, in terms of the versatility you bring to your offense, you can be more creative with him.

I think you're burning another year of Devante and, you know, Devante wants to be there.


But you're burning another year of his career, which is the candle is very, very, you know, short in terms of what he's gonna have left to, to offer.

I'm gonna take two seconds and just pat myself on the back because at this point with, on both of our respective shows, how many times have I been saying this?

I, I genuinely believe Mark Davis is going to pay Dak Prescott whatever it takes.

This is, I have not no reporting.

This is just pure speculation on my end.

I would not be surprised at all to see a number in the $55 million.

The range just thrown out to Dak all Willy nilly when everybody says you can't pay Dak that.

Well, just remember this, the Cowboys only get to where they want to be this year specifically based on how they address the running back position by giving more workload to d so the only way the Dallas Cowboys are gonna be a division champion caliber team, which I still think they are.

If they do that, it's because Dak has a monster MVP caliber year again and they can't franchise him, they can't trade him.

They can't do that according to the contract.

So what can happen?

The Raiders can come over and say, hey, we'll give you a blank check because right now more than anything, all we need is a quarterback which keeps Devante happy and also prevents you from wasting yet another year of max Crosby.

So I, I, that's my, my only thought that I can use to justify it is dak, the only thing that scares me about that is, um, what if it's a swing and miss what, what if they put all their eggs in that basket and then they don't.



That's exactly, that is exactly what I'm doing.

The Broncos were like, we're all in, we're getting Aaron Rodgers, it's gonna happen.

We're gonna get them, they had reasons to think they were getting him and then in the wake of swinging and missing, they went and made a far worse decision, which was ok. Now, we gotta sell out and go get, we, we didn't land this, we're gonna sell out and go fix it this other way.

And that's how Russell Wilson came to be in Denver.