No charges dropped in Scottie Scheffler investigation; officer disciplined by LMPD

Yahoo Sports senior writer Jay Busbee has the latest on the Scottie Scheffler investigation and what’s next for the golf superstar.

Video Transcript

The latest update in the Scotty Scheffer story is there's not much of an update.

First and foremost, Scheffer still remains charged with four counts of criminal conduct stemming from the incident that he had outside Valhalla golf Club last Friday before the second round of the PGA championship.

One of those counts is a felony and I'll tell you why that's significant in a moment for starters though on Thursday morning, the Louisville police and Louisville's mayor released the results an internal investigation.

They cited the detective who had the initial confrontation with Scheffler for not having his body camera on.

They pledged to release the video from the incident, not from a body camera but from a station from a camera across the street.

So we don't have video yet of the actual arrest and the encounter in which the police officer says he was thrown to the ground.

What we do have is some video showing the overall scene of Scheffer being arrested.

Now, Scheffer's attorney has vowed that there will be no settlement that, that the case will either be dismissed or it will be taken to trial.

And the reason why the felony count is important is because it requires scheffer to be present at an arraignment currently scheduled for June 3rd.

That's the week of the memorial tournament.

He will have to be there either in person or via Zoom and no matter what it looks like, this case is still going forward.