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Kevin Burnett asks reporter to ‘put some pads on, homeboy’The Miami Dolphins lost 26-16 to the Chargers on Sunday, and with a record of 0-4, they are a frustrated bunch of Dolphins. What do you do when things aren't going so well against NFL competition? Well, it might boost your confidence to fight a reporter.

Linebacker Kevin Burnett was overheard challenging a reporter in the locker room after Sunday's loss. From the Miami Herald:

"I don't know how you want to talk to me, homeboy," Burnett said. "If you've got something to say, come at me like a man, homeboy. Don't hide behind no computer."

After a Dolphins official warded off Burnett, the linebacker again yelled at the sportswriter.

"Hey, if you want to see if I can tackle, you put on some pads, homeboy," Burnett said, brushing off the official. "Don't get mad. Why you're going to criticize the team in your own hometown, boy? You're supposed to support the home team."

The reporter was Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel, and he did not come at him, bro. There were no linebacker/sportswriter fisticuffs. As far as I can tell, Kelly hasn't written about the incident, either, which definitely qualifies as taking the high road. It would be pretty easy to call Burnett a meathead for challenging a reporter to a fight, and then his ridiculous assertion that the Miami media is supposed to "support the home team."

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I'm sure Burnett was super-frustrated after the loss. It's probably not easy to go back and face the team that let you go last season, and come out with a loss. Burnett had also been critical of himself recently, saying that "he hasn't done enough to help his team," so he's not above a little criticism and self-reflection. I'll just chalk this one up to frustration and be thankful that it didn't escalate further than it did.

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