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You guys really came through with some fantastic stories in the "life event I missed in order to watch an NFL game" competition for a pair of Crocs. I'll admit to being shocked at the quality of the entries. Some of you are crazy ... and some of you are not good people. I like that about you.

Choosing two winners out of the batch was really quite difficult. In the end, just because I had to draw a line somewhere, I went with people who knew they were taking a huge risk, or knew exactly what the consequences of their actions would be ... as opposed to people who thought they might get away with something, and ended up not getting away with it. I'm also going to shy away from people who ... well, people who probably went a little too far.

We'll start with some honorable mentions.

Brad - Brad was scheduled to have dinner on Christmas Eve with his fiancée's parents, and at this dinner, he and the fiancée were set to tell her parents that they were getting married. But then Brad won tickets to a Ravens/Steelers game. The fiancée told Brad that if he went to the game and blew off dinner, that she was done with him. Brad thought he'd call her bluff, go to the game, and a little sweet-talking would get him back in good graces. The fiancée, it turns out, was not bluffing.

HiWay - HiWay lied to his pastor, said he was sick, and skipped out on his own baptism. In HiWay's defense, it was the NFC championship game.

Chico! - Chico's cousin had named Chico as the Godfather of his child. But Chico's cousin also scheduled the baptism on the same day as the NFL's opening Sunday, so guess what? Chico couldn't make it. Chico called with some lame excuse about being sick, and his cousin has yet to forgive him or speak to him.

Steve - Steve was a diehard Patriots fan, but never had the opportunity to attend a game in person. Steve's girlfriend one day surprised him with tickets to a Pats game. Unfortunately for Steve, the game also fell on the post-Thanksgiving weekend, the busiest shopping weekend of the year. His company wouldn't let him go. He called about 296 different people trying to get them to cover for him, but no one could. Steve went to the game anyway. The Patriots won, he was fired, and Steve couldn't have been happier at how things turned out.

MAV - The Mav went to a Dolphins/Patriots game while his wife sat at home, very very pregnant. At 10:30 a.m., while the Mav is tailgating, he got a call letting him know that his wife went into labor, and was being rushed to the hospital. The Mav figured that labor can take a really long time, so he'd stick around and watch the game. But in the third quarter, the Mav got another call letting him know that his wife just gave birth to his first born child.

Big Jim - Big Jim was sitting in synagogue on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, but was more concerned about the Vikings. Big Jim went outside to listen to the game on the radio, and as soon as he did, the yarmulke his Baubie gave him blew off his head and was gone forever. That's what Big Jim gets.

PhinFan - PhinFan was pregnant with her fifth child. At 10 a.m., her water broke, and her doctor advised her to get to the hospital immediately. But the Dolphins don't kick off until 1 p.m. PhinFan went nowhere until 4 p.m., and sat there and watched the entire game in labor. She gave birth 15 minutes after getting to the hospital.

And your winners ...

Brandon T. - Brandon T. had a busy Monday night. It was his girlfriend's birthday, so he owed her dinner and a movie, and he also had a test in a senior-level class that he needed to pass in order to graduate. On most Monday nights, he could take care of both with time to spare. On this Monday night, one of his friends got tickets to the Saints' first game back in New Orleans after Katrina. So Brandon T. blew off everything else, delayed his own graduation by a semester, and lost his girlfriend. But like he said, the atmosphere in the Superdome that night was not likely something that could ever be replicated.

Danielle - In order to watch a game, Danielle skipped out on a meeting with his/her parole officer and went to jail on Monday. Danielle did time to see a game ... and didn't even make any mention of it being a rivalry game, a playoff game, or any other kind of important game. It's this kind of judgment that shows us why Danielle has a parole officer to begin with.

Brandon T. and Danielle, please e-mail (from the address you used to login to post your comments), and let me know your size, team, and physical mailing address. You've earned yourself a pair of Crocs.

We'll be giving out a few more pair over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that.

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