NFL teams make two proposals to move the trade deadline later in the season

Browns General Manager Andrew Berry said his team and others would be proposing a change to the league's trade deadline this offseason and that proposal was released on Wednesday.

It isn't the only one for NFL teams to consider. The Steelers have proposed moving the deadline for making trades back a week until after Week Nine games have been completed while the Browns, Lions, Eagles, Jets, 49ers, and Commanders have proposed a two-week shift to after Week 10.

The Steelers said the reason for their proposal was to move the deadline to the midpoint of the 18-week regular season while the multi-team proposal noted the alignment in timing with other professional sports leagues and said the change "provides the league with a better opportunity to put its best product on the field for the stretch run of the regular season and into the postseason."

Both proposals will be considered by all 32 teams and can be voted on at league meetings later in the offseason. Two-thirds of the league's teams must approve a change for it to be put in place.