NFL superstar Kelce brothers tease trip to Wales

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce embrace on the field
Jason Kelce (left) and Travis Kelce played each other in Super Bowl 52 in 2023 [Getty Images]

Two of the NFL's biggest stars - brothers Travis and Jason Kelce - have hinted that they could make a trip to Wales.

It comes after recently retired Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason described the Welsh as "rich, upper-class" people on the pair's New Heights podcast.

However, the 2018 Super Bowl winner later held his hands up on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying: "I was very incorrect on this."

The comments prompted Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney, himself a Philadelphia native, to extend an invite, saying: "I should show you around someday. I might know a few people. See for yourself."

The official X account for New Heights quote tweeted his offer with the comment: "Outta the House: Wrexham Edition?"

On the latest edition of the brothers' podcast, they were talking about former Wales wing Louis Rees-Zammit signing for the Kansas City Chiefs, where Travis plays tight end.

Introducing him as a "former European rugby league star", Jason asked his brother, himself a three-time Super Bowl winner, "is he French?" after admitting he was unsure how to pronounce his name.

After Travis told him he was Welsh, Jason replied: "When I think of Welsh - I think British people call it posh - I think of these rich, upper class, just beautiful white people and he is just a running stereotype of what I think of as a Welsh person."

A shirtless Jason Kelce watching his brother Travis play against Buffalo
Jason Kelce is known as a colourful character and was pictured shirtless and drinking beer while cheering his brother on against Buffalo in January [Getty Images]

He admitted he did not know "if that's an accurate stereotype" and after the episode went out, Jason was happy to correct himself online.

He said: "Yeah, I’ve come to understand, I was very incorrect on this.

"Based on further assessment since these incorrect statements, not sure why I had these preconceptions in my mind, but I have found that the Welsh seem exactly like my kind of people. Happy to be incredibly wrong."

Louis Rees-Zammit playing for Wales
"Look at that face." Jason Kelce is a fan of Louis Rees-Zammit's smile [PA Media]

As the podcast episode drew to a close, Jason, who announced the end of his 13-year career in March, said he was rooting for Rees-Zammit to succeed.

He said: "I hope this guy takes the world by storm, it would be electric.

"With a smile like that, this guy - if he works out - he's going to be the most marketable player of all time, look at that face."

To which Travis replied: "Got to love a debonair young man."