NFL Playoff Predictions: Bills could win AFC East or be out of the playoffs completely

You won't see a scenario like this often: Win your regular-season finale and get the No. 2 seed, or lose and be out of the playoffs altogether.

The Buffalo Bills might have that unusual scenario by Saturday night. And their extreme win-or-in scenario isn't that outrageous.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday — the Ravens have the No. 1 seed clinched and will rest starters — and the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the 5-11 Tennessee Titans, and also the Houston Texans-Indianapolis Colts game on Saturday doesn't end in a tie, the Bills go into Sunday night with a lot of pressure on the road.

In that scenario, the Bills would get the AFC East title and a No. 2 seed with a win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night, and be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss. Talk about high stakes.

Here is how Frank Schwab predicts the NFL playoff picture will shake out as we enter Week 14. (Henry Russell/Yahoo Sports)
Here is how Frank Schwab predicts the NFL playoff picture will shake out as we enter Week 14. (Henry Russell/Yahoo Sports)

Miami has a softer landing spot. The Dolphins have already clinched a playoff spot so they're in even with a loss on Sunday night. But Miami hasn't won the AFC East or hosted a playoff game since the 2008 season, so there's plenty on the line for the Dolphins too.

Some years, the NFL doesn't have an ideal candidate for the Sunday night game in Week 18 to end the regular season. They have a perfect one this season with Bills at Dolphins. It gets even spicier if the Steelers and Jaguars win, and the Texans and Colts don't tie. The playoffs would start early for the Bills.

Here are the Week 18 games that will have the biggest impact on the playoff picture:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

What's at stake: Bucs in with a win, out with a loss

The Buccaneers lost last week and wasted an opportunity to clinch the NFC South, but they get a second chance this weekend. The Bucs are in with a win over the 2-14 Panthers.

Spoiling the Bucs' division plans would be a nice way for the Panthers to end a miserable season. The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints will be rooting for Carolina. If Tampa Bay loses, the winner of Falcons-Saints is the NFC South champ. The Saints can also get a wild-card with a win and losses by the Packers and Seahawks.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders

What's at stake: Cowboys clinch NFC East and No. 2 seed with win

The Philadelphia Eagles' stunning loss in Week 17 to the Arizona Cardinals changed the NFC East race. The Cowboys can win the division with a victory over the 4-12 Commanders. That would be huge for a Dallas team that has been much better at home this season. The Eagles can still win the NFC East, but they need to beat the Giants and hope for a Cowboys loss. The NFC East champ will be the No. 2 seed unless they both lose and the Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings. In that scenario the Lions move up to No. 2.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

What's at stake: It's complicated, so read on ...

The Jaguars win the AFC South with a victory on Sunday. That's easy.

If the Jaguars lose it gets tricky. With a Jaguars loss, the winner of Saturday night's Texans-Colts team takes the division. Jacksonville isn't guaranteed a wild-card spot either.

If the Jaguars lose, their only path to a wild-card spot is a Steelers loss, Denver Broncos loss to the Las Vegas Raiders and Texans-Colts not ending in a tie. If the Steelers win Saturday (or the Texans and Colts tie), the Jaguars know they'll be in a win-the-division-or-go-home scenario.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

What's at stake: Packers are in with a win

The Packers put themselves in a win-and-in position by blowing out the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday night. Green Bay has a wild-card spot with a victory over the Bears. There is a path for the Packers to make the playoffs with a tie or loss but it would take a lot of help. The Packers can make the math easy by simply winning, but that won't be easy against a Bears team that is playing well and would love to knock its rival out of the postseason.