NFL futures: Fade the Seahawks & Super Bowl hangovers

Minty Bets is already placing her bets for the upcoming season and she has a few in the NFC West that she’s categorizing as “free money”. Listen to find out where the smart bets are (for the Rams, against the Seahawks).

Video Transcript


MINTY BETS: Welcome to Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. It's Tuesday June 28th and I'm your betting guide Minty Bets. NFL training camps are right around the corner, which means it's time to talk some NFL future bets. So let's get right into it.



MINTY BETS: The first bet I have is going to be the Rams to win the NFC West at +140. On Yahoo Sportsbook, I came out with my first NFL features video of the year just two weeks ago, and I picked the Rams over 10 and 1/2 wins. I still like that bet, and I'm going to raise it and bet the Rams to win the NFC West. Actually, I already bet this a month ago.

You're getting plus money for the Super Bowl champs in a division where the 49ers will start Trey Lance, which is kind of an unknown how he'll do in the starting role. Also, in this division, you've got the Arizona Cardinals, where the wide receiver core is impressive, but Kyler Murray is a mess. And then you've got the Seattle Seahawks, who are probably going to be one of the worst teams in the league. I'll touch more on that later.

Back to the Rams. I know the Super Bowl hangover is real, and they lost key players like Von Miller, Robert Woods, OBJ and more, but they made Aaron Donald the highest-paid defensive player in league history. So that's an upside. Plus, they added a few more pieces that should gel well for the team this season. Matt Stafford still dominates under center along with that potent offense, and the Rams have recorded 11 or more regular-season wins in 3 of five seasons under Sean McVay.

So I'm liking the Rams to win the division and going over with this total. Don't forget about the extra regular-season game we have that was added on last season too. That should help the total go over. But my official bet for this pod is the Rams to win the NFC West.

Next up, I have the Seattle Seahawks under 5 and 1/2 wins at plus 115. I am so high on this bet for two main reasons. Number one, Drew Lock, is their starter, supposedly. He really hasn't shown us enough for us to be able to confidently conclude if he is a good or bad quarterback in the NFL. When he entered the league in 2019, he didn't start for the Broncos until week 12, when things didn't matter.

Then in 2020, they pushed him right into the deep end of the pool made him play, and it was a season where the Broncos had a really tough schedule. They played the Titans, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, and of course, all of their AFC West opponents that year. So that was a really rough year for him.

And then, this last season of 2021, he was just a filler for Teddy Bridgewater when Teddy was hurt. And then Drew finished off the season again starting in week 15, when it didn't matter anymore. So, for now, we can say the numbers tell us that Drew Lock is a below-average player.

Now for a reason number two. The Seahawks have the absolute toughest schedule this year, and I don't mean in terms of opponents. They are the team that will be traveling the farthest with a total travel mileage of 29,446 miles. And they cross time zones 34 times.

The Steelers don't even leave their Eastern time zone this year, and they'll only travel a total of 6,442 miles. How insane is that? So, needless to say, the Seahawks are going to struggle a ton, especially without Russell Wilson. The books are making their under-plus money, so I am absolutely betting this immediately.

And for one last bet, I want to highlight going off of that Seattle win total, this is right off of bet MGM site. The Seahawks just start 0 in 4 is plus 600, guys. I may just be handing out free money here. I'm just putting a little bit of money on this, and I'll tell you why. They start the season off by traveling to Pittsburgh. How ironic given what I mentioned earlier about the travel. And I know the Steelers are probably going to be a bust this season, but they're still under the coaching of Mike Tomlin, and that man is good at his job.

Then they play at home against the Bears, who we really don't quite know how they'll do this season. Then the Seahawks head to Dallas, and for their fourth game, they're back at home against the Broncos. Against their former starter. That's really good chance Seattle starts 0 in 4 at plus 600.

Now to recap my picks. I've got the Rams to win the NFC West. The Seahawks under 5 and 1/2 wins, and the Seahawks to start 0 in 4. You can follow me on Twitter over at Minty Bets and follow all of our content over at Yahoo Sportsbook.

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