Tom Brady one-ups Bruce Arians with fake tattoo he should actually get

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians shored up his bona fides as the NFL's coolest skipper on Tuesday when he tweeted a photo of himself with his new Super Bowl tattoo. He got it on a bet, which only increases the coolness factor.

Tom Brady obviously saw it, and we know he loves to be in on the joke. So on Wednesday morning he tweeted doctored photos of himself with a fake Bruce Arians tattoo, and he chose a phenomenal photo to base it on. It's Arians during the Super Bowl parade in Tampa, sitting on a boat in shorts and shades, holding up a beer, looking like he owns the world.

Not a bad troll from Brady, right? As far as jokey one-ups go, that's a good one. Here's the only problem: the fake Arians tattoo is amazing and he should have gotten it for real. Getting your coach inked on your body in his most IDGAF pose ever is a master-level flex that only Brady could pull off.

Imagine him strolling into training camp for the first time, ripping off his shirt (or unbuttoning it, Brady isn't really a rip-off-your-shirt kind of guy), and turning around to reveal the Arians beer image tattooed across his back. That would be a move so epic that the Hall of Fame might change their rules to grant him an instant induction.

Now all we need is Rob Gronkowski to joke that he got a tattoo of drunk Brady giggling and stumbling at the parade. He's the only Bucs player who could troll Brady like that and get away with it, and he's the type of guy who might actually get that tattoo for real.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady trolled his head coach Bruce Arians on Twitter with pitcures of himself with a fake tattoo. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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