Vertical Pod with JJ Redick: Chris Paul

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Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul joins his teammate on The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick.

Paul and Redick discuss their early years as rivals in the ACC and the process of moving past those old grudges to become friends on the Clippers.

They also break down the process of starting a new season, getting back to the playoffs and how Paul was part of starting the NBA's conversation on race and law enforcement over the summer with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade.

3:30: Redick on disliking Paul before becoming teammates.

5:21: The beginning of their relationship and hating each other while in college.

8:51: Duke starting a walk-on to matchup with Paul and foul him early.

11:56: Paul taunting Redick for being inactive as a rookie with the Magic.

14:45: Paul signing off on the Clippers acquiring Redick in 2013.

16:12: The mundane preparations required to return to the playoffs each year.

20:37: When Paul fully dedicated himself to taking care of his body around the clock.

25:00: Paul’s ability to adapt and manage people within a game.

28:56: His emotion during his first visit to the Hall of Fame.

34:42: Does Paul ever think about his legacy?

42:00: Shouldering the burden for the team’s playoff shortcomings, including the Game 5 loss to Oklahoma City in 2014.

46:37: The importance of grit and perseverance in determining success.

52:36: How James, Wade, Anthony and Paul planned their speech at the ESPYs.

54:46: How can the ongoing conversation enact real change?

58:13: Social media’s role in increasing awareness of social injustices.

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