The Cubs Game 7 World Series win looks so much better in LEGO form

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The Chicago Cubs have won the 2016 World Series. It still feels surreal to say it, but it’s real. How do we know? Well, dozens of highlights exist from Game 7. You can go and watch them on repeat as often as you like.

That’s what we imagine many Cubs’ fans are currently doing. Sure, it’s been a full week since Kris Bryant chucked that ball over to first base to clinch the victory, but after an 108-year drought, we think fans are probably still willing to watch that play over and over again.

In the rare instance where some Cubs’ fans need a change of pace, consider watching some of your favorite plays from Game 7 … in LEGO form.

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The above video was made by thefourmonkeys. The group has put together a number of stop motion LEGO videos on their website. The also work with OYO Sports figures. All the players in the World Series video were OYO figures.

We have to say, we’re pretty impressed. The video does a good job paring down some of the biggest moments from the game. We’re particularly impressed by the accuracy presented during the wild pitch play. The ball hits David Ross in the face, and he actually stumbles before running the retrieve it. That’s exactly how we remember it.

The Cubs celebrate their first World Series title in 108 years. (Getty Images/Ron Vesely)
The Cubs celebrate their first World Series title in 108 years. (Getty Images/Ron Vesely)

Of course, thefourmonkeys also took some liberties with the highlights. We’ve heard so much about Jason Heyward’s inspirational speech during the team’s rain delay, but we never actually saw it. The video imagines what it was like, and it’s tough to really disagree.

On a completely unrelated note, we love how the ball sticks to Anthony Rizzo’s butt following the final out. That’s great attention to detail.

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