Lonzo Ball's dad says NBA will be 'easier' for Lonzo in ridiculous interview

LaVar Ball also talked about “trading in” and “getting away from” some of his UCLA teammates. (Getty)
LaVar Ball also talked about “trading in” and “getting away from” some of his UCLA teammates. (Getty)

LaVar Ball is a character, man. Whether he’s guaranteeing a national championship for Lonzo and UCLA on national television or saying all three of his sons will be one-and-dones, he isn’t exactly afraid of making bold statements. He also seems wonderfully unaware of what many might see as their brazenness.

LaVar was at it again Thursday in an interview with TMZ Sports. In the 84-second video, he says the NBA will be easier for Lonzo, talks about “trading in” and “getting away from” some of Lonzo’s UCLA teammates, and claims his boys want to be better than Michael Jordan — something he’s apparently talked to them about since they were babies.

That’s all after he begins the video by essentially joking (or maybe not joking?) that he chose his wife based on her potential to give birth to superstar basketball players.

A transcription of the best bits of the interview are below, but you really have to go watch the TMZ video, which will have you laughing throughout, to grasp how preposterous and how hilarious it is.

“It is going to get easier for Lonzo as we go,” LaVar says. “When he gets to the pros, the game is even faster, and that’s when he’s at his best. Now … you trade in Bryce [Alford] for D-Wade? Trade in [Isaac] Hamilton for Iguodala? Get away from TJ Leaf and give him Anthony Davis? C’mon, man.”

Let’s pause for a moment to note that it’s, uh, probably not a great idea to be kind of, sort of, trashing your son’s teammates in the middle of the season. But anyway …

“Hey, hey, and the game is faster?!” LaVar continues. “He’s going to change from a boy to a man.”

Then he goes on to talk about Lonzo and his two younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, gunning for Jordan.

“My boys want to be the best players ever. People don’t want to think that far in front, I’ve told them this since day one, since they’ve been babies, somebody gotta be better than Jordan, why not you?”

In related news, UCLA has lost two games in a row.

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