Jamie Benn murders his own hockey sticks for failing him (Video)


It’s been a frustrating season for Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars. Not only because he’s playing in front of the goaltending equivalent of a ‘Welcome’ mat, but because he went from 41 goals last season to just 10 in 40 games this season.

Heading into the Stars’ game at the Buffalo Sabres on Monday afternoon, Benn had tallied one goal since Dec. 15. To put this in terms you’ll better understand: Jamie Benn has one goal since ROGUE ONE premiered.

In Buffalo, Benn finally decided to take his frustrations out on the source of these offensive struggles: His sticks.

Here’s Jamie Benn. He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK. He sleeps all night and he skates all day.

Somewhere, Bo Jackson is nodding in knowing appreciation.

So that’s one stick he cracked in half on the ice, and two more on the bench. It was at that moment John Klingberg nervously scooted over from his captain, lest Benn mistake him for a stick as well.

For their role in his offensive struggles, Jamie Benn crushed about $600 worth of sticks.

That sound you just heard was executives at Bauer Hockey losing their minds.

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