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So the Oregon State Robotics Club's award-winning Mars Rover has not actually been to Mars. After romping over the length of the entire Beaver football team -– including head coach Mike Riley and both of OSU's prized Rodgers Brothers, James and Jacquizz –- for an 80-yard touchdown at Wednesday's spring practice, the rocky hellscape of the Red Planet should be cake if it ever gets there:

The touchdown dance could use some work, but the roughly 200-man chain shattered the school record for Rover-trod bodies, which had stood at thirty-two. The $12,000 machine weighs about 95 pounds, but "feels like five pounds" when it drives over you, according to Robotics Club president Ryan Albright. Riley only had one concern: "They promised no injuries." None were reported.

All in all, an impressive performance by the Rover. But can it complete a pass?

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