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Oklahoma 27, Oklahoma State 0. Oklahoma State opened the season with visions of the best team in school history, and as far from that ideal as the Cowboys have looked at times -- as in double-digit losses to Houston and Texas and a lackluster win over struggling Colorado on national television, all at home, while losing their best player under bizarre circumstances and failing to beat a ranked team -- the big goals were all intact today. With a win over an injury-riddled, struggling rival fresh off possibly its worst defensive effort of the last decade, OSU could have secured 10 wins for the first time in 20 years, possibly punched its ticket to the BCS and set itself up for its first top-10 finish since World War II. Those are higher, more tangible stakes than Oklahoma State has had on the line post-Thanksgiving in decades, on top of ending a six-game losing streak to the hated Sooners.

They're certainly too high for anyone associated with the program, from high-rollin' sugar daddy T. Boone Pickens on down, to excuse this kind of performance -- not just because it's a loss, but because it's basically impossible to show up to a game and try and come out with zero points, zero third conversions and more penalties (six) than offensive first downs (four, two of which came via Oklahoma penalties themselves). The Cowboys punted on every possession except one, on which senior quarterback Zac Robinson was intercepted to set up a short touchdown, and didn't earn a first down in the second half by any means. Robinson's longest completion of the game covered all of 10 yards, and his final regular season snap ended in a sack, moments before Ryan Broyles added insult to injury with an 87-yard punt return to close the scoring and effectively commence the Brandon Weeden era for OSU's offense.

In other words, Mike Gundy's team had a chance to secure unprecedented spoils in Stillwater, and laid quite possibly the biggest egg of Gundy's five-year tenure. Have fun preparing for the Cotton Bowl, guys.

And on that note, welcome back to the big show, Boise State -- no schmoozing necessary. The Broncos' 44-33 win over Nevada Friday night effectively secured their fourth undefeated season in six years (barring impossible catastrophe against New Mexico State on the blue turf, where Boise hasn't lost in four years), and with it a certain BCS at-large bid, probably in the Fiesta Bowl. That slot might have gone to Oklahoma State, which could promise a bigger fan base for ticket sales and, based on past results, a bigger TV audience for sponsors. But since the Cowboys seem so uninterested in the trip, you can book the Broncos for another shot at one of the big guys.

Dr. Saturday

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