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Ex-Florida cornerbacks Anthone Lott and Fred Weary have already made names for themselves in Gator lore: They started on opposite sides of the field for Florida's first national championship team in 1996, and earned enduring individual fame for All-America honors and six years in the NFL (Weary) and the infamous, touchdown-saving timeout call in the Gators' 1993 win over Georgia (Lott), respectively.

Now the Gainesville Sun reports today that the old teammates are back together again ... in court, where Weary (No. 24) hopes to retrieve some of the money Lott (No. 9) is accused of defrauding from a bank loan:

Last month, the State Attorney's Office filed the charges against Lott, 34, of Tampa, alleging he stole money stemming from a construction deal involving Weary, 35, of Jacksonville.

Prosecutors accused Lott of defrauding Weary and a bank by entering into a contractor agreement and then withdrawing money, based on a construction loan, for his own personal use.

State Attorney Bill Cervone estimated the amount of money in question comes to about $185,000.

Lott and Weary's litigation history goes back several years in civil courts, stemming from a townhouse project Weary contracted Lott to build on property Weary owned in Gainesville. But aside from the measly six figures' worth of missing money, we're confident this can be settled amicably among old friends and partners. Gentlemen, once you were champions -- champions together. Who needs nasty protracted court fights and jail time when the highest moral authority in America resides around the corner in Gainesville? Our legal advice is to refer the dispute to the great and mighty Tebow, and may the Wise One's judgment abide.

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