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Disclaimer: I post this because I find it amusing, and not because I think the Duke Blue Devils are particularly guilty of any flop-happy activity. I don't know where it originated, but it's making the e-mail rounds.

I'm not saying that Duke hasn't had their share of floppers over the years, but hey, who hasn't? Their floppers just happen to be under a bigger microscope. And you probably hate them anyway.

And now, if you're looking to replicate the legendary flop technique exhibited by masters such as Greg Paulus (pictured, observing the flawless technique of Josh McRoberts, who is not an NBA All-Star) and Steve Wojciechowski, here's your opportunity to study with the greats.

Click on the link below for your copy of the application to the Duke University Flopping Camp. And just so you don't waste your time printing this out, please know ahead of time you must be white, like Italian soccer, and pee sitting down.

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The Dagger

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