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Midway through Saturday night's interminable seven-hour busride from Dartmouth back home to Ithaca, the Cornell basketball team came up with an unconventional way to pass the time.

No, not cards or movies or even the license plate game. Think something more suitable for 14-year-old girls at a slumber party. 

Upon discovering that 7-foot center Jeff Foote's iPhone had an app for truth or dare, seven members of the team decided to give it a try. Senior forward Jon Jaques wrote on his New York Times blog that the "truths were revealing, as always, but the Dares proved to be the most entertaining."

Geoff Reeves was picked on early and often: he was dared to simultaneously wear an article of clothing from each participating player until his next turn, then one turn later was required to give himself a toothpaste mustache. I was dared to let a blindfolded Ryan Wittman draw a highlighter mustache on my face. He didn’t do a terrible job either. (The color was green, if you were curious.)

Not surprisingly considering the circumstances, truth or dare lost its entertainment value after a while and players found other ways to amuse themselves until they arrived back at campus at 3:45 a.m.

And no, they did not paint each-other's nails, watch scary movies or give each other facials. Uh, we think.

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The Dagger

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