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As impressive as it is to watch North Carolina-bound P.J. Hairston sink a one-handed, over-the-head 75-footer at NBPA Top 100 camp on Saturday, the ridiculous degree of difficulty is only half the story.

Equally amazing is Hairston's reaction as he walked off the court.

Instead of screaming, fist pumping or chest bumping the closest bystander the way any of the rest of us would have, Hairston nonchalantly walked away as though he'd just hit a run-of-the-mill jump shot. Then when a reporter asked if the regular shots just aren't challenging enough for him anymore, Hairston responded calmly with a sheepish grin and a terse "yeah."

Trick shots weren't the only ones Hairston was hitting at the camp. The 6-foot-4 junior from Greensboro, N.C., averaged 15.8 points in six games and displayed an improved all-around skill set, proving why he's a contender to be named a McDonald's All-American in the spring.

[Video: Best 10-year-old U.S. hoops player

A handful of Hairston's buckets in the games came on an array of transition and put-back dunks, but again he didn't take the time to showboat. Whether it's in practice or a game, we can be sure Hairston will react like he's been there before.

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