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When Bruce Pearl's divorce from his wife of 25 years was announced last September, it didn't take long for pictures of the Tennessee basketball coach cavorting with young ladies to hit the Internet. Now, his ex-wife is getting her revenge.

Kim Shrigley, Pearl's former wife, recently opened a nail salon in Knoxville with the monthly money she gets from her ex-husband as part of their divorce settlement. The shop is appropriately (and awesomely) named Alimony's.

As the Knoxville News Sentinel reports, Shrigley's new business will offer a full-range of hair and nail options just a few miles down the road from the University of Tennessee. This could present an awkward, Three's Company-esque situation one day because Bruce Pearl totally gets manis and pedis at least twice a week. The odds of him stumbling into Alimony's after going to the same strip mall for his spray tan are pretty high.

The story is ripe with goodness, from Shrigley's use of the word "ballsy" to the video of her head stylist (who's named Bubby Browning). Shrigley says that those who receive alimony will receive a 15-percent discount at her shop, thus ensuring that Pat Summitt's husband will be in for his highlights by the end of the month.

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