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If this whole basketball thing turns sour for Harrison Barnes, the North Carolina star may have a future as a thespian.

Barnes tried to put a scare into those around him on Sunday afternoon when he pretended to be injured vying for a loose ball in an on-campus pick-up game pitting everyday North Carolina students against members of the basketball team. The future NBA lottery pick lay flat on his back on the blacktop for several seconds before slowly getting to his feet sporting a wide Cheshire grin.

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Barnes playing possum is just the latest example of the fun the Tar Heels have during the on-campus pickup games they've played against average students a few times a month all offseason. At a time when many top players treat college as a necessary evil or a stepping stone on the way to the NBA, it's great to see the Tar Heels embrace their time on campus and the opportunity to create a special memory for their peers.

"We just come out here and have fun," freshman guard Kendall Marshall told the Daily Tar Heel earlier this summer. "Instead of our peers watching us on TV, they get to interact with us and see that we're people just like them. I think everybody enjoys it, so I don't see us stopping anytime soon."

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