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ESPN's new college basketball gimmick is simple: Take legendary Coach Bob Knight, a man revered for his knowledge of basketball strategy, and put him in a film room with footage of the country's best players. Have him break down what makes those players good. Have him lounge in a movie theater chair while doing so. Have him act impatient with the film crew ("OK, now run that again." Where's the "please" and "thank you?") This is fail-proof television.

At least, it should be. That's before Knight (whom you can view in the above clip) decides to totally underplay how awesome Blake Griffin is, which is immediately grounds for Fail. There are a couple of good nuggets in there -- having Knight call the pump-fake his favorite move took me back to basketball camps as a still-budding blogger -- but ultimately, the last sentence just blows it away: "In time, if he stays in college basketball, will be one of the two or three most dominant players as a senior."

What?! Um, Coach Knight? Blake Griffin is already one of the two or three most dominant players in college basketball. As a sophomore. In fact, I'd say he is the most "dominant" player in college basketball this season, even if he's not the "best," which he might still be. And no, he's not staying in college basketball. Give up that pipe dream immediately.

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