Back to school? NCAA struggles with spelling on Final Four signs

Never underestimate the importance of checking your work twice. It can be a real libility — er, liability — as the NCAA found out this week.

The organization that states student-athletes should be focused on academics first, before athletics, was called out Tuesday on Reddit for two costly errors in new signs going up around Minneapolis for the men’s Final Four.

The signs are “liability disclaimers” for the NCAA Final Four Tip-Off Tailgate, except they actually say “libility disclaimer.”

And in the third graph the NCAA calls itself the NCCA.

Liability is spelled correctly in the text and as one user noted on Reddit, many programs don’t spell-check words in all-caps. If employees glanced at the sign for looks and quick proofreading, the mistake may not register.

Others asked how it got by the printer, but as has been well-documented it’s not their job to fix mistakes. They’re likely to make more money from the deal if they don’t since the organization has to buy more signs.

As for the NCCA, the most common use of the acronym is “National Commission for Certifying Agencies.” It was created in the mid-1970s by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence to “help ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public” and highlight the “essential elements of a high-quality program.”

The NCAA would not be eligible for accreditation from the NCCA after this misstep.

A spokeswoman for the NCAA told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal the signs were being fixed and the new ones will be installed Wednesday.

U.S. Bank Stadium operations worker Michael Stauffacher helps install the court for the NCAA Final Four college basketball tournament in Minneapolis, Friday, March 29, 2019.  (Leila Navadi/Star Tribune via AP)
Not everything for the men's Final Four in Minneapolis went according to plan. (Leila Navadi/Star Tribune via AP)

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