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Rajon Rondo(notes) has always been a bit of an iconoclast when it comes to on-court sartorial matters. In his short NBA career, Rondo has already become well-known for sporting an upside-down headband. More recently, he's been wearing a different color of shoes than the rest of the Boston Celtics. When they're in white shoes, Rondo has worn green; in black, Rondo wears white. But during Game 2, he took things a step further.

After making an amazing save in the second quarter (1:15 mark), Rondo blew out a pair of his Nike Hyperfuse sneakers. Needing their point guard on the floor to close the half, the Celtics got creative. From the Boston Globe's Frank Dell'Apa:

Rondo started the game in whites, but after going down on a drive late in the opening half, he took a pit stop, team travel and equipment manager John Connor sprinting to the locker room for a pair of greens to get Rondo to halftime. Then, while the Celtics were devising second-half strategy, Rondo switched to another pair of whites, these with the properly sticky soles.

Nice job, John Connor — both on the shoes and on stopping SkyNet. Thanks from all of us.

As far as I can tell, the black-and-green shoes Rondo switched into were another custom pair of Hyperfuses. He wore the same colorway during the Cleveland series and has been in the newest in Nike's Hyper line of shoes all playoffs. Naturally, the second white pair of shoes he wore were also the Hyperfuse. Apparently he's a big fan.

But here's the funny thing — if you were watching the game last night, you'd think Marcin Gortat(notes) would be the one who needed new shoes. He's the one that got shaken out of his sneakers, ironically at the hands of Rajon Rondo. 

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