Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Vince Carter(notes) went to an NBA playoff game and a foot-Paul game broke out, am I right? Hardy-har-har to that pun, for sure. But if you think you can do better, you better prove it. Or else you get the Paul Pierce(notes) treatment. Best caption wins tough actin' Tinactin. Good luck.

Previously, Ron Artest needs a nap.

Winner, Sunny Beach: "Now I lay me down to sleep
Before I make those Los Suns weep.
My hair I'll dye when I awake
And pray the Lord great defense make.

Runner-up, Dave MM: "Please God let the open three pointers go in tonight. Please God let the open three pointers go in tonight."

Second runner-up, chaoz_golem: "The Lakers athletic trainer tucks Ron into his invisible blanket as he lays on his invisible pillows."

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Ball Don't Lie

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