NBA prospect Lonnie Walker says Earth 'is definitely an illusion,' but still thinks it's round

Lonnie Walker IV has an interesting theory about the world. (AP Photo)
Lonnie Walker IV has an interesting theory about the world. (AP Photo)

Lonnie Walker is just a freshman guard at the University of Miami, but he’s already got an interesting theory about the world. He aired it out during the NBA draft combine in Chicago: he thinks the Earth is an illusion.

Wait, Walker said what now?

Walker said the Earth is an illusion, and he said it not just into a microphone, but on camera. It happened during a draft combine interview that aired last week. Walker was asked to give the hosts some facts he’d gleaned from his hours watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, two of his favorite networks. He obliged, and then started talking about how amazing our planet is.

Walker said “When you talk about facts and things of that nature, it’s amazing to me we’ve discovered so much about this world, yet, we don’t anything about this world.” True! The Earth is incredible, and we actually know so little about it.

Then things started to get weird. One of the hosts asked him if he thinks the Earth is flat or round, and this is how he responded: “The Earth is not flat, in my opinion, but the Earth, on my conspiracy, the Earth is definitely an illusion.”

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What does that mean?

It’s not totally clear what Walker himself means, but it’s not the first time a basketball player has expressed this belief. J.J. Redick thinks it’s a possibility that we’re living in a complex computer simulation like “The Matrix.” That’s kind of depressing, since that would mean what we’re doing right now, as well as everything we’ve ever done or will ever do, isn’t real. But Walker and Redick aren’t alone. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, also thinks it’s true, as do other Silicon Valley bigwigs. Musk thinks there’s a minuscule chance we’re actually living in reality, and that we’re most likely living in a computer program created by a being with higher intelligence.

But he’s not on board with Kyrie Irving’s flat-Earth theory

Walker might think that the Earth is just a simulation, and we’re all living our lives on someone else’s computer, but he drew the line at joining Kyrie Irving in thinking the Earth is flat. When Walker was asked if he believes the Earth is flat, he couldn’t say no fast enough.

“The Earth is not flat, in my opinion.”

The idea that the Earth is flat is too crazy for the guy who thinks we may be living in a computer game. Kyrie, are you listening?

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