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We're hanging at Bristol for race day, and over on Twitter, I'm offering up a running commentary. Follow there, and check out what's been happening at Bristol so far. (Note: this is in reverse chronological order, so if you want the real feel, start at the bottom and work up.) 

I bust on the NASCAR fans, but seriously--you need to go to a race in your life. Great experience. Much less scary than blue-starters think.  - Part 3: the line at the Degree deodorant booth.  - Part 2: the line at the Skoal dip booth.  - A 3-part photo essay on NASCAR nation. Part 1: the line at the camel cigs tent.  - Best logo ever. Bonus: I apparently caught someone in witness protection on camera.  - I am preparing to descend into the madness that is the Bristol fan zone.  - Just did a few pace car laps. Felt like I was getting sucked down a drain.  - Great gesture to honor Mark Martin's 1000th start.  - A shot of the RV-laden hills outside the track. Can you spot the Obama voter?  - Bristol shows me some love.

Best sign on the way up: a strip club named "New Beginnings." Better than "Baby Needs Diapers And Daddy's Gone Back To His Wife," I guess.  - Made it!  - There's some badass Transylvania-level fog in the TN foothills now.  - You think Bruce Wayne realizes this sign exists?  - If you look closely, you can see the gov'mint men in the hills lookin' to bust up the moonshine stills.  - Right after I snapped this shot, Brian Vickers shoved this whole display over.

Rolling now to Bristol. Sweet heaven, is it early.

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