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There are an awful lot of NASCAR-themed Internet contests out there, but this one might be the best -- Toyota's "Sponsafier," where you can design your own car and see it as the pace car before the All-Star Race in Charlotte. (Check out the ad here, if you didn't see it enough during the Daytona.) Shame that it's just a pace car, really, because I'd love to see Kyle Busch running in that pink beauty above.

So here's what we're going to do. Those of you who are longtime fans of this site know that one of my goals is to get The Marbles on a Sprint Cup car. This is the closest we've gotten yet. Your task: design a Marbles-themed car. We'll post all entries here, and then we'll all rally behind one and see if we can get it onto the track. So get to it -- design your car at The Sponsafier home page, and then send the link to We'll set up the winner with some swag, and everybody who sends in an entry will get it posted here. Have at it! 

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