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Jimmie Johnson's wife Chandra gave birth Wednesday to a baby girl, who may wind up hoping that she waited in the womb a few more days.

Had she waited until Saturday about 6 p.m. ET, she could have been the recipient of 42 of the biggest baby gifts in the history of baby gifts. Heck, Joe Gibbs Racing might have even bought her a winter house in the Caribbean. Instead, she'll have to settle for the standard baby clothes and rattles as the mid-week birth means that Johnson won't miss any seat time at Chicagoland this weekend.

Jimmie is the third Sprint Cup Series driver to become a father in 2010, while the wives of three more drivers — Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon and Jamie McMurray — are also expecting babies in the latter half of the year. In 25 years, the Sprint Cup Series could have a Johnson, two Gordons, three Montoyas, a McMurray, a Sadler and an Edwards in the points standings, but they'd all probably be chasing six-time champion Joey Logano, who'd be in his 27th year in Sprint Cup at the age of 45.

The name of the Johnsons' baby has not yet been released, so we can't unveil the winner of our name the baby contest. If you guessed Junior, don't have your hopes up.

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