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So after their semi-epic battle last weekend -- if wrecking cars in practice can be considered "epic" or a "battle" -- Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick are all nicey-nice again.

You'll recall that Hamlin, in his Dover press conference, took dead aim at both Clint Bowyer and Richard Childress Racing, and Harvick didn't take kindly to the implication that cheating was a widespread phenomenon in the RCR stable.

"Maybe I should have just kind of deflected [questions about Bowyer]," Hamlin said on Tuesday. "I watched Jimmie [Johnson]’s press conference and a lot of other guys before and after me, and they kind of deflected. When it came to them, they just kind of shielded themselves from it, said their piece and it was over with. But to me, I always kind of say too much at times, get too in-depth."

Indeed he did. And the resulting battle between the two diverted focus from their real goal -- a Sprint Cup championship -- as Hamlin himself acknowledged: "The more we chase each other on the race track, the more we’re going to let somebody else, mainly Four-Time (Johnson), make it Five-Time."

OK, so that's done. That means we need a new feud to spark up some interest. We've got some candidates here, along with which driver has the edge. Check 'em out, make your call on the winners, and then add your own to the list below:

Jimmie Johnson vs. Kurt Busch. This one's going to happen somewhere along the line. They have a history, and before long they'll be battling for the lead at some track somewhere. Edge: Johnson.

Kyle Busch vs. Denny Hamlin. Another it'll-happen-soon dustup, bolstered by the fact that we've got teammates involved. How well will Kyle be able to control himself based on Hamlin's past conduct? Edge: Busch, barely.

Jeff Gordon vs. a non-Chaser. Gordon has made a lot of people angry this season, and it's possible that someone will decide to exact a little revenge in the Chase. Edge: Gordon, though possibly at the cost of his dwindling Chase chances.

Kyle Busch vs. Kevin Harvick. A dark-horse candidate, but both of these guys are spoiling for a fight, and both run at the front of the pack so often that there has to be some kind of brouhaha before long, don't you think? Edge: Busch in the car, Harvick out of it.

Carl Edwards vs. anyone within 50 feet of him. Edwards has mastered the art of charming everyone off the track and running over or through everyone on it. He's already spun Hamlin in the Chase, and he's surely not done. Thing is, while he doesn't always end up looking good, he almost always ends up the one still running. Edge: Edwards. 

All right, your turn. Which of these feuds do you think is likeliest to flare? Got any to add to the list? Have your say.

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