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‘Fast cars go fast’: Brad Keselowski and the Zen of speedBrad Keselowski is one of the most articulate, thoughtful drivers in NASCAR, and no, that's not damning with faint praise. He's spent a lot of time thinking about his role in this sport and his ideas for the sport's future, and he'll talk for hours about the responsibilities today's drivers have to the fans and their forebears. But every so often, he'll unleash a gem like this one, spoken after he won the pole for this weekend's Coca-Cola 600:

"Fast cars go fast."

Think about that. Elegant in its simplicity, isn't it? "Fast cars go fast." It's a Zen koan, the unknown wrapped in the mundane, like "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" Fast cars do go fast! And what happens when fast cars don't go fast? Well, then you're Kurt Busch.

And speaking of Busch — how's that for a segue? — Keselowski finally has a bit of ammo of his own in responding to Busch's comments from a couple weeks back about how he hasn't had a top-line teammate in years. "For me, Brad hasn't beaten me all that much at Penske," Busch said in Darlington. "I didn't get beat all that much by (David) Stremme. I didn't get beat much by Sam (Hornish Jr.). The last time that I felt equivalent was when (Ryan) Newman was there and that was in 2007."

Keselowski understands where Busch is coming from: "I think that if you look at all of 2010, he was absolutely right. Until the last two or three races, with the exception of Phoenix, I wasn't even close to running with Kurt, not even close. I think that he definitely has legs to stand on with that comment."

To listen to Busch's comments, Penske is a floundering organization teetering on the edge of total, humiliating collapse. Jet Ski takes a more positive, and definitely more colorful, approach:

"As race car drivers, we go off the feel of our ass," he said. "The feel of my ass that the cars are getting better every week and they're turning just a little bit better, the horsepower is getting a little bit better."

Always trust your ass. Fast cars go fast. Keep running well, Jet Ski; we need more interviews like this.

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