Myles Turner is a fantasy basketball star

Yahoo Sports' Dalton Del Don explains why the Indiana F/C is his fantasy MVP thus far, including his fantasy steal and fantasy bust.

Video Transcript


DALTON DEL DON: I'm Dalton Del Don from Yahoo Sports doing a fantasy hoops check-in one quarter of the way through a crazy NBA season. First up, who's the fantasy MVP so far? While Nikola Jokic certainly has a strong argument as the number one fantasy player by a wide margin, I'll go with Myles Turner, who checks in as the eighth-ranked player in cat leagues and entered the year with a Yahoo ADP in the sixth round. Turner is leading the NBA with 4.1 blocks per game. Rudy Gobert is second with 2.8. And as hoped, Turner is also attempting more 3's than ever in Indiana's new system. And there's little reason to expect a big drop off on a depleted Pacers team without much firepower. Myles Turner, the fantasy MVP so far.

Next up is the fantasy steal so far this season and my pick is Chris Boucher of the Toronto Raptors. He hasn't been starting despite the team getting absolutely nothing from its center position, but that hasn't mattered at all as Boucher has been a top 30 fantasy player this season and had a Yahoo ADP outside of the top 130. Despite a recent shooting slump, he's been a top 10 fantasy player per 36 minutes this season, and Boucher even started after halftime during the team's last game. So the waterboy might go down as an even bigger steal by the end of the year.

And finally, maybe fantasy bust is too harsh of a word, but my biggest fantasy disappointment of the year, at least for category leagues, is Giannis Antetokounmpo. Obviously, he remains plenty valuable both in real basketball and fantasy hoops, but he's just the number 69th ranked player in nine-cat league so far thanks to his turnovers being up and his free throw shooting remaining down. The Greek Freak shot one of 10 from the line the other night and remains sub 60% from the charity stripe.