Myles Garrett on Jadeveon Clowney: ‘we want volunteers not hostages’

By now, it is not new news that defensive end Jadeveon Clowney slammed his current team, the Cleveland Browns, and his teammate and bookend Myles Garrett. In an article written by Cleveland dot com’s Mary Kay Cabot, Clowney stated the Browns are more interested in getting Garrett into the Hall of Fame than winning games, and that they do not want him outplaying their All-Pro defensive end.

Garrett, along with his positions coach Chris Kiffin and head coach Kevin Stefanski, was asked a lot today about Clowney’s comments and if he would welcome his teammate back. Garrett responded, “We just want volunteers not hostages.” The Pro Bowl defensive end also had more to say in his media availability. Here are some other quotes that stood out.


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On DE Jadeveon Clowney’s comments that the Browns had been more concerned with getting him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame than winning games based on how the defense was setting up matchups for the two DEs:

“I think everyone is concerned about winning games. I disagree with saying it that way. I think the guys in our room and really the guys in the organization are so focused on this season has been on winning, getting everyone good matchups and trying to get everyone a way to win. It is not just trying to get me good looks or someone in particular. We are all trying to find a way to win and all trying to get some success on the field because everyone is trying to get towards the postseason and the Super Bowl.”

On his relationship with Clowney:

“It has always been cordial. Always have fun talking with him. There has never been a problem. It is never been personal; I don’t take his comments personally. It is just the nature of the beast.”

On Clowney earlier this year stating fighting through injuries was detrimental in the long run and him not sharing that mindset with comments this day and if Clowney ‘was a bad influence on younger players’:

“I wouldn’t say that. Everyone has their way with dealing with things. For some, it is better to wait and not hamper themselves with injuries, and some can linger and take away from your production and your film. Whether you are going to stay here for the long run or you are going to go on somewhere else, you don’t want to put bad film out there, but also if you can play at a high level and you believe that what you can do is still at an elite tier, then continue to do what you do, hurt or not or injury or not.”

On if he knew Clowney was unhappy:

“Did I know he was unhappy? I knew he was frustrated. We have all been frustrated with not winning. I know he wants to produce more. Hell, I want to produce more. We all want to do more. You all feel like you can do more, especially when you are not winning. Everyone feels that when you come in here and the result stays the same or you give up one that you feel like you could have gotten. Everyone has that sense of disappointment and regret for some plays, and everyone handles it a different way.”

On internal issues within the team becoming public matters in back-to-back seasons:

“I think we have some playmakers who are prideful in their abilities and want to make plays and big personalities. I think when you have that, you have to be able to try to keep it within the group, try to keep it within this culture and not let it leak out. I think there will be instances of that, but I feel like the years go by and we start to keep on shaping things how we want it, how detailed and disciplined we want it in this locker room, and I think it will only get better.”

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire