This mustard-faced White Sox fan is the hero we all need

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If you’ve ever sat in the first row near home plate at a baseball game, you know that you can’t avoid being on TV. You’re front and center, and all you can hope is that your hair doesn’t look bad and you don’t have a doofy look on your face.

One Chicago White Sox fan didn’t have a doofy look on his face on Wednesday night, but he did have something else. It was dollar dog night at Guaranteed Rate Field, and this guy looked like he had really, really enjoyed his hot dogs. That’s because he had an enormous schmear of mustard on his left cheek.

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It was dollar dog night at the White Sox game, and this fan enjoyed himself so much that he left a mustard souvenir on his face for later. (
It was dollar dog night at the White Sox game, and this fan enjoyed himself so much that he left a mustard souvenir on his face for later. (

Of course the camera found him, and of course the announcers talked about it. Thankfully they were relatively kind about singling out this guy and turning his personal oopsie into a potentially hugely embarrassing moment. (To be fair, the guy did have an impressive amount of yellow mustard on his face.)

After the camera found him, it turned into a saga. A charitable friend or family member called him to tell him that he was on television with a huge smear of mustard on his face, and so he got out the napkin and started to wipe off the mustard glob. Well, he tried to. The phone was actually blocking the mustard from view, so he assumed it was on his lips or the other side of his face. He started wiping at his clean face, puzzled as to why he wasn’t finding anything.

Then his companion came to his aid, also trying to find the offending mustard. But she had no luck either, because the guy’s phone was completely blocking it from view. Eventually they both found it, and we can only assume that the guy’s phone screen also had a sizable bit of mustard on it.

The way this man handled the situation should be an example for how all people should handle embarrassing on-camera incidents in the future, because he just laughed and kept rolling with it. Who among us would be able to do that after being on TV with a mustard face? I suspect not many.

His attitude may lead to more than just a funny video. Heinz is willing to give Mustard Guy season tickets and a year’s supply of mustard if get 10,000 likes on Twitter.

Mustard Guy, we salute you. You’re living your best life: taking in a baseball game on a lovely summer night, wearing a jaunty hat, thoroughly enjoying dollar dog night, and expertly laughing off a potentially embarrassing condiment-on-face-while-on-TV incident. You’re the hero we all need. We should all follow this man’s example. Go out and enjoy the sporting event of your choice with whatever condiment you choose to put on your face!

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