Moose on the Loose: Farewell to John Sterling

Moose on the Loose: Farewell to John Sterling

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Indelible. By definition, it means making marks that cannot be removed. As John Sterling announced his retirement Monday, there is no question he left an indelible mark on New York.

Sterling called 5,420 Yankees regular season games during his career, including 5,060 consecutive games from September 1989 to July 2019. He called an additional 211 games in the postseason. He called five World Series-winning teams in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2009.

In his 36th season, Sterling has been the voice of Yankees baseball in the spring, summer and fall. On Monday, Sterling announced that he is retiring effective immediately. He will be missed.

Sterling’s style was different. He was an entertainer and had the ability to weave a story with the best of them. His signature home run calls set him apart.

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Radio is very intimate. You are speaking to the listener directly. Baseball games, traditionally, are the background to our childhood; at the pool, in the backyard and family barbecues.

Being the voice of the Yankees was a dream job for Sterling, and he was brilliant. He entertained, informed and captured the moment. His passion for Yankees baseball always came through.

Sterling retires at the age of 85 and will be missed. We often say that someone broke the mold when there has never been another similar before or after. Let’s be honest, Sterling is a one of one. He was the voice of the dynastic Yankees of the late 1990s. His style and passion set him apart.

Sterling’s broadcast partner for the last 20 years, Suzyn Waldman, said it best: “Nothing will ever be the same.” True.

On Saturday, Sterling will get his day at Yankee Stadium. He will be rightfully honored and celebrated. He dreamed of calling Yankees games. He did and in doing so became a Yankee legend himself.

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