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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is on pace to have a banner season, much like he did in 2007, but he already has his eye on the offseason. He spent Wednesday asking, nay, begging, Dana White over Twitter to sign him to the UFC for a fight with middleweight champion and pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva.

Dana this Ocho Cinco, I want to fight your #1 and #2 best fighters asap,exhibition to raise money for a charity of choice!!!!!!

matter of fact I want Anderson Spider Silva---please don't ignore me or you'll have to fight me yourself!!! Sincerely Esteban :)

Mr. White this a serious matter, we can help alot organazations with this fight, I have a good chance at winning against Silva

Awesome! I'm fighting Anderson Silva-I can't wait to throw my child please combo with a kiss da baby leg kick, Silva can shut the front door!

White, never one to miss a good marketing opportunity, responded to the colorful football star.

Perfect @OGOchoCinco. I need a Jan 2nd fight. Ocho Cinco vs Anderson Spider Silva. PS - I'm too old to fight anyone.

If you are really serious @OGOchoCinco, contact me. We'll put a fight together for charity.

@OGOchoCinco Follow me so I can send you my email

Now, it's highly unlikely that the UFC would ever put together a charity match with their best fighter. But a charity fight would make for a good story. Ocho Cinco isn't new to combat sports, as he has trained boxing for years

Since Anderson Silva, or any real middleweight, would be unlikely for a fight with Ochocinco, who is listed at 6-feet-1, 192 pounds, who would fight the gridiron star? Former NFL running back Herschel Walker recently signed with the UFC's rival, Strikeforce, so that match-up is unlikely. Perhaps Ochocinco can battle for supremacy among receivers in a bout with Michael Westbrook, who played with the Washington Redskins and Bengals and went on to earn a black belt in jiu-jitsu and go 1-1 in his MMA career. 

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