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It's not Jimmy Durante's nose but Kimbo Slice's beard is getting pretty big for its britches. The legendary Durante actually took out an insurance policy on his legendary schnoz; Kimbo Slice needs to do the same for the beard. He loves that beard so much that his management actually tried to get a protection clause put in his Ultimate Fighter 10 contract according to UFC president Dana White:

"His manager kept saying if anybody messes with his beard while he's sleeping, there's gonna be some big problems," White told Mike Chiappetta from Spike TV. "That was like a big deal in the whole contract negotiation."

White was at a loss for words for Kimbo's manager Icey Mike (2:10 mark):

"I can't guarantee nobody's gonna try to shave his beard off.  How the hell can I guarantee that?"

Listen below as White talks about getting Kimbo on TUF 10:

Icey Mike should at least have the beard trademarked so he can sue copycats like Mike Wilbon and Seth Petruzelli.

Listen here for the entire Spike recap with Wes Shivers and Dana White. 

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