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Isn't it hard enough for fat tubs to survive in this world?

The week started with poor Nick Provetti, the rotund 12-year-old from Orlando who got steamrolled by Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Davis hit the game-winner to end Game 4 of the Boston-Orlando series and then tossed the husky boy to the side. Now Elie Seckbach brings us Quinton Jackson pummeling another blubbery youngin'. Jackson was doing promotion for the new video game "UFC 2009: Undisputed," beat the heavy kid and then proceeded to kick him on the ground (0:38 mark).

Jackson joked that they screwed up his character in the game because he doesn't have head kicks as an option. Rampage also tells a funny story about using a video game to train for a fight in Japan.

Video via Elie Seckbach

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