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Trick question: So if you take away "Orioles Magic," what do you get?  

Trick answer: Orioles magic.  

At least that appears to be the equation in Baltimore, where the O's are 4-1 and atop the AL East after baseball's first week. The irony comes in the fact that all four wins came after the team stopped playing the wonderfully catchy "Orioles Magic" fight song at the beginning of every game at Camden Yards.

In its place since an Opening Day loss is the painfully generic "Click Click Boom" by Saliva.

Even though they're winning, some Orioles fans are understandably not very happy with the switch. (I would be, too, especially since it involves Saliva, a band that just plain sucks at making music.)

From Bottom Feeder Baseball:

Today's players have no idea what this song and this team mean to the city and community. It's a shame that something that is supposed to be inspirational and reminiscent at the same time is played as a "mocking, team-unifying guffaw." While some of the younger players seem to thing it's pretty cool, the "leaders" of this team are the ones that are playing it in a mocking manner.

I'm not bent out of shape that it's no longer played when the O's take the field, but it would be nice if the current O's knew a little bit about the history of the team they currently play for.

The BLS take? Well, since baseball can be a game of streaks and superstition, team management should ride out this winning binge and continue not to play the song for as long as possible. No need to tempt fate out on the diamond.

But once the Orioles return to their losing ways, it's definitely time to return to the roots of Ripken and Co. Why get rid of something that fans are attached to and feel so strongly about?

(Even if your team owner is the woefully inept Peter Angelos?) 

Hear the majesty that is "Orioles Magic" after the jump ...

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