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No, it wasn't quite the caliber of his famous "It's not that busy, man" appearance in San Diego, but Rick Sutcliffe's back-and-forth with Erin Andrews during last night's Braves-Cubs game is still something I think you all might be interested in.

Watch the Lassoed clip here.

To recap: Ms. Andrews was wearing a top that she described as "spelling bee yellow." She then said she was wearing the color for ol' Sut, who is currently battling cancer, before throwing it back up to the booth.

"I've got a new favorite color," Sutcliffe said in a fashion that brought back memories of that impromptu appearance in the Padres' booth. "I know that, man."

It wasn't over there, either. Partner Dave O'Brien took the opportunity created by Andrews to start talking about Sutcliffe's plans to take some more time off for cancer treatments.

But Sutcliffe wasn't quite ready to go there just yet, saying that beating cancer wasn't the biggest of his concerns these days.

No, his biggest worry was for the skirt Erin Andrews was wearing and its vulnerability to be blown up in the fierce winds of Chicago. For the record, I live about a mile away from Wrigley and it was about as calm as calm could be, but hey, what's a good teammate for? 

Sutcliffe: "Well, I'm more worried about Erin, than I was me. Wearing that skirt tonight in the Windy City? You think all eyes weren't on her during batting practice?"

Watch the clip again. Can you see O'Brien at a visible loss of words? Can you see him briefly consider what this might turn into? Can you see him trip over his words in extreme caution?

Absolutely fantastic.

DMZ over at USS Mariner has a lengthy rant on Sutcliffe's words this morning, but I really don't see anything to be upset over. If Manny can be Manny, why can't Sut be allowed to be Sut?

Actually, I like this line, better — "That's just Ol' Red Beard being Ol' Red Beard." 

God bless him.

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